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Emma left regional Queensland two days after finishing high school and started her career in London where she lived for 18 years. She did a BA in Design at Goldsmiths  before working as a Fashion Assistant at Men's Health and then Russian Vogue, when magazines were still a thing. Since then she's probably done nearly 300 TV commercials which have lead her to have been hit in the head with a tennis ball from Andy Murray, gone drinking with Bonnie Tyler in a Travelodge bar, filmed on war ship in the Thames, in an abandoned shopping centre at 3am, a secret room under the Tate Modern and a working Sydney brothel. She's washed Lewis Hamilton's racing suit, made a giant pumpkin pie costume, dressed Christmas elves, helped start a bonfire with Ed Sheeran on an army base, and returned a hoodie Pamela Anderson wore on set back to H&M (also very budget conscious).

She loves street style blogs, watching Below Deck, a good knitwear sale and is always up for an extensive game of 'would you rather' on set.

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